Website updates!

public-domain-images-eiffel-tower-construction-1800s-0007-1080x675You may have noticed the website is looking a little different! After a loooooong time of using the same old WordPress theme I decided to change things up a bit – hopefully it’s an improvement.

I’m currently in the process of building a virtual bookshelf which will list all my titles and contain links to every retailer where they’re available. Some people might land on titles that are still under construction – sorry about that! They’ll be ready soon.

I’ve upgraded to some other cool stuff. I now have a plugin that allows me to run giveaways any time I like. I recently ran one to give away a $100 Victoria’s Secret Gift Card. I think the next giveaway will be even bigger!

When people sign up to my mailing list they’ll now automatically receive a few novel (Hot Springs Werewolf) and three free short stories. I’m pretty excited about it.

There is other backend stuff happening with the website and eBooks – I’ve improved the front and back matter so it’s uniform and easy to navigate and hopefully people will be able to more easily find other eBooks they want to read.

Apart from stepping it up a notch for 2015, all this has been in service of a new eBook I have coming out VERY SOON. What is this eBook about I hear you ask.


It is every single story I’ve ever published. All my novels, all my shorts. But I won’t talk about it now… it’s currently in processing at various eBook stores and once it’s available I’ll put up a post.

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