Teacher Please – student teacher lesbian erotica



Lucy is a bad student … she seduced her boarding school roommate and then spread naked pictures of her all around the school. Her teacher has decided some strong discipline is needed…


“Where do you think you’re going?” I asked, raising my eyebrows at her. She shuffled over to me and stood on the opposite side of my large teacher’s desk. She looked down and scuffed the soles of her shoes on the solid floor, remaining silent and refusing to meet my glare.
“Well?” I said, “Why are you always the only one who can’t follow simple instructions?”
She shrugged with a look of shame on her face, but I knew she was pretending to look sorry so she could escape faster.
“All the other girls get on with their work without any hassle…” I continued, stepping around the side of the desk and making my way to the windows to close the blinds. I didn’t want any prying eyes looking in at what was to follow. Still she remained quiet, peering over her shoulder a few times to see what I was doing. Then I walked over to the door and pressed it firmly shut, locking it from the inside to prevent any unwanted intrusions. The small window in the centre of the door was blocked by a large map of the world that had been stuck to the inside, so every possible view into the classroom was obscured. We were alone.
“Why are you so naughty?” I asked, walking back over to her. As I reached the side of the desk I picked up a long, wooden ruler and stood behind her as she faced the front.
“It’s almost like you want to be punished…” I said, observing her reaction intently. She flinched as I said it, and I kept going, “Do you? Do want to be punished?”
She remained completely still, not acknowledging me in any way. It felt like she desperately wanted to say yes, but something was holding her back. I scanned her body more closely and saw her fingers trembling gently at her sides. Her ass stuck out just slightly behind her, giving a curvature to her back that gave me a little chill of excitement. The moment was upon me, and I knew there would be no going back once I did it. I was so horny, though, I saw no other option than to raise the ruler up behind her back and thrash it down hard over her ass cheeks. She lurched forward, gripping the edge of the table with her fingers as the sudden surge of pain shot through her body. Other than the crash of the ruler hitting her skirt, she made no sound. She simply took a deep, wavering breath and awaited the next strike. I raised the ruler again and lashed it down once more over her ass, causing her to shudder as if she was absorbing every ounce of pain that I gave her.


Teacher Please - Emily Cantore

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