The Actor Kindle Erotica

Ella has a favorite video clip of a girl being dominated whilst wearing a blindfold. She meets Lucas online. He’s an actor and willing to play out any role …

Another red hot Emily Cantore short story featuring adult themes, erotic moments and a guy who is very good at fulfilling a fantasy.


I pushed it in slowly, then withdrew it. In only a matter of seconds I was fucking myself with it pretty fast. Foreplay was long over, I felt. If all I could use was the dildo, I wasn’t going to hold back. The thing must have been at least seven inches long because I had both my hands wrapped around it, pushing it in me, and pulling it back out. In quick succession. I began using my hips to fuck it.

“Slow down,” he said.

I didn’t want to, I didn’t want to slow down. I wanted to cum, cum right there in front of him, show him what he was missing. But I eased up with the pace, and as I did, his hand was on the back of my head. He pulled my head towards him, and his cock hit my lips. I opened wide, and it went forward into my wet mouth. Lucas’ dick was so big. It curled upwards, like a banana. It was so thick and long. I started licking it all over inside my mouth, licked the bottom of the shaft, then flicked my tongue over the sides of it. I let it out almost the whole way, then locked my lips around its swollen head. I sucked as hard as I could.

“Keep using the dildo,” he commanded.

I love sucking cock so much that I forgot about my own pleasure. So I continued sliding it in and out of me too.

Pulling his cock out of my mouth, he said: ” I want you to use the tip of your tongue. Lick with it up my cock, just touch it as light as you can.

He moved close to me again, this time his hand not touching himself, his erection sticking straight up. I slipped my tongue out, until it touched the base of his penis. Then I started traveling up the shaft, my tongue on the ridge of it. I did that once, up then down.

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The Actor - Emily Cantore

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Oiled Down Kindle Erotica

Eilse is looking for something to spice up her sex life with her husband John. Her secret lover Kathy suggests a sexy webcam show with Kathy on the other end might work.

It’s hotter than any of them imagined and then Kathy decides a picnic is the perfect place to take it further …

Another hot short from Emily Cantore. Featuring adult situations, erotic content, two girls, a guy and a bottle of oil.


I had John operate the computer, since at least one of my hands was occupied with my husband’s dick. We chose a username: StickyCouple. Then I directed him to the chat room called “Married But Looking”. He clicked on the name, and we entered the room. We perused the usernames along the left side of our screen. I saw Kathy’s name, the one she’d told me was her: LacyKat.

“Most of these are men,” I said, looking at the screen, while my hand went slowly up and down in John’s pants. “Did you want a man to watch us have sex, honey?”

“Hell, no. What’s wrong with you?”

“Well, how about the LacyKat one?” I suggested. “Sounds cute.”

“Whatever you say,” was his response. John clicked on the name. “What should I type?”

“Be creative,” I said.


StickyCouple: Watch me fuck my wife?

LacyKat, a.k.a. Kathy, responded: Excuse me? Is that anyway to talk to a woman?

“What a bitch!” said John. “Let’s try another.”

“No-no, wait a second. She’s flirting with you,” I told him.

LacyKat typed again: I will tell you how to fuck your wife.

StickyCouple: What, I don’t know how?

LacyKat: How about turning your cam on first?

Should we turn it on?” John asked me.

He raised up a little in his chair, then sat back down. John had a big dick; it was eight inches. And right then, he had all those inches, plus my hand, stuffed behind a closed zipper.

“Sure, that’s why I bought it,” I said. “Click the little camera button over on the left side of the screen.” I could feel his precum on my fingers already.

John clicked the camera icon in the chat-room, and in a matter of seconds, a video window popped up. John’s face took up the whole window.

LacyKat: How about you adjust that camera, big boy? Let’s hope you’re not alone.

John pushed the camera further away from us, then positioned it so both of us were in the camera view. John was slouching in his chair. I was leaning into his chair, my right hand inside his pants.

LacyKat: Mmm. You’re cute. But your wife there is hot! I’d like to eat her pussy!!

Wow,” John said to me. “She wants to eat your pussy, baby.”

“You like this already, don’t you? Your prick is so hard.”

“You’re going have to take it out of my pants soon.”

“Tell her that. Remind her she was going to give you instructions on how to fuck me,” I said.

StickyCouple: What next? Were you going to give us instructions?

LacyKat: How I’d love too! I see your wife has already started. Let me give her some directions.

I like this. She’s going to tell you how to suck my dick,” John said excitedly.

LacyKat: Hi there, Ms. Sticky. Why don’t you unzip your husband’s pants? Show me what you’re working with over there.

Kathy had never seen John’s penis before. But he was way too turned on to stop now. Especially since it was my suggestion. I took my right hand out of his pants. I unbuttoned his shorts, then unzipped them. I pulled them down off his waist, over his hips, dropping them to the floor. His boxers were still on. With my hands, I pressed his underwear around his hard cock, showing Kathy the big bulge coming from underneath.

LacyKat: Oh goodness! Look at how big it seems!! Wish I were there. I’d take those things off with my teeth!!! Ms. Sticky, why don’t you show me what I want to see. Take that big cock out.

I opened the fly-hole in the front of John’s boxers, then guided his erect penis out through them. I removed my hand, and let his dick twitch. It was so beautiful. I wanted to go down on it right then.

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Oiled Down - Emily Cantore

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Night Visit Kindle Erotica

Maggie is so hot for teacher she can barely think straight. But if short skirts and low-cut tops aren’t going to grab his attention, she’s going to have to try a more direct way to get into his bed…

Another very sexy short story from Emily Cantore featuring erotic situations, graphic descriptions and a professor about to find out how bad one of his students can be.


So, while he was listening to another student, I slowly uncrossed my legs, lifting my right leg from the left, slowly lowering it to the floor. My heel clicked against the floor quietly, which immediately drew Mr. Burnhardt’s eyes in my direction. As I smiled at him subtly, he shifted his eyes away. So I opened my legs up a little at the knees. His eyes came back to me, looking at me in the face. Then I swayed my right knee a bit, and I watched his eyes lower to my knee. Then I turned and looked straight ahead. After a few minutes of not moving, Mr. Burnhardt assigned a problem from the book, then sat down at his desk, which was directly in front of me. He did not look at me, but started doing some paperwork. I chewed on my pencil for a second, then inched my left hand up my thigh, sliding it a little under my skirt as my legs continued to spread, and my skirt continued to rise up towards my hips. Mr. Burnhardt took a deep breath. He looked towards the door, then around the room, then his eyes settled on me. There he was, looking at me with lust, ten feet away. I slid the pencil a little into my mouth, my tongue tickling around it. Then, slouching in my chair a little, I spread my legs a little further. Mr. Burnhardt’s gaze fell down over my tits, then came to rest on my skirt. It was easily halfway up my thighs when I picked my hips up a little and showed Mr. Burnhardt my shaved pussy. I eased my skirt up a little further, letting a bit more light in. I was so wet, as Mr. Burnhardt shamelessly looked at my naked pussy, exposed ten feet in front of him, in a class full of his students. My swollen lips had to be glistening in the light.

He looked up at me and mouthed the word “stop”. That when I knew. When I knew he was hooked, when I knew he could not stop thinking about me.

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Night Visit - Emily Cantore

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Good Cop Kindle Erotica

A spur of the moment crime and barely legal teenager Emma is hauled off to the local jail by Paul, a hulking cop who is as cold as ice.

When she decides to start moaning in fake pleasure, she quickly finds how bad a good cop can be …

Another hot short story from Emily Cantore featuring adult scenes, erotic situations and a bad girl about to get her just desserts.


Being an ADHD-riddled teenager, the thought of having nothing to do was like mental torture. I tried to go to sleep but the noise of his pen scratching away at his paper work was driving me to distraction. I huffed and puffed, and tried making annoying sounds again to entertain myself, but the time just dragged on. Then an idea popped into my head. With the staff mostly gone, escaping would probably be a lot easier. The locks on the doors were mostly to get inside the building, not outside. All I would have to do was get out of the cell, and I would be free. I knew I wouldn’t get far, and that I would face even greater penalties when they eventually caught me, but such was my state of mind at the time. I would rather get into more trouble than suffer the silence of boredom for one night. I lay back on the bed, making sure to check for stains or other weird marks on the sheets. It seemed clean enough, though, so I proceeded with my supposedly genius, evil plan. I spread my legs open and lowered my hand down to my crotch as I propped myself up on one elbow.

“Mmmm…” I moaned loudly to catch his attention, “This feels good!”

He looked over and snorted, and then returned to his boring paper work. I persisted, and started to run my fingers delicately over my crotch, touching my clitoris through my pants. He still didn’t take any notice, so I began to make erotic groaning noises, as if I was being pleasured by some Adonis behind his back. He finally relented and turned to face me, watching as I played with myself. I slid my hand down the front of my pants and rubbed my pussy through my sexy pink thong, leaving an imprint from my hand on the grey material. The thing is, as I nudged and prodded my clit, I actually started to enjoy myself. I could feel my pussy growing wetter as a flood of moisture formed around my labia. This burst of excitement must have made the seduction all the more convincing. It seemed to have worked, as he rose to his feet and made his way over to the cell. He took out his black policeman’s baton and rolled it across the metal bars, making a loud clanging sound.

“Don’t make me come in there and sort you out!” he barked sternly.

“What if I want you to sort me out?” I asked, making my eyebrows dance as I said it.

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Good Cop - Emily Cantore

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Blind Date Kindle Erotica

Helen has given in to her friend’s pestering and said yes to a blind date with Casey. But instead of some strapping hunk, a gorgeous twenty-something girl turns up at her door.

Casey is a girl’s name?

It wasn’t the date Helen planned but it was the date she needed …

Another hot short story from Emily Cantore. Contains oh so many erotic situations, adult themes and two girls being very naughty.


Her long, freckled arms glistened in the moonlight, which cast a shadow between her perky breasts, emphasising their roundness. I tried not to stare, but naughty thoughts were whispering in the back of my mind. We began to talk about our exes, and as I listed mine a look of confusion crossed her face.
“So, are you bisexual, then?” she asked.
“No, I’ve always been straight.” I said, “Maybe that’s where I’ve been going wrong!”
She laughed as she tried to hide her disappointment. She was so adorable, trying to look as if it hadn’t fazed her, but she was clearly upset. I don’t know if it was because I empathised with her, or because I wanted the night to go further, but I suddenly decided to reveal a secret about my past that I had kept since I was in college.
“Well, I say always…” I said, “There was this one time in my college days…”
“What happened?” she said as the sparkle returned to her eyes.
“Well, my roommate and I got a little drunk one night and… well, we kissed.” I admitted.
She let out a burst of laughter, mocking my supposedly sordid revelation.
“Is that all?” she asked, “I was expecting something really filthy!”
I frowned and opened my mouth in pretend shock. She tried to contain her amusement, but as she looked at me again she erupted into a second giggling fit. I lifted my leg under the table and gently kicked her shin, adding “Hey! Well, I’m sorry if I can’t compete with your depraved sexual history!”
As my leg struck her she looked up and stared into my eyes as her laughter subsided. I watched her lips wrap delicately around the rim of her glass as she sipped some wine, and her gaze remained fixed on me. Her eyes lowered down to my cleavage as she lightly bit her bottom lip. I felt something brush past my leg and she threw me a sultry smile. I looked down under the table to see that she had slipped her shoe off, and her foot was resting in the air near my leg. A nervous excitement crept into my body. This was entirely new territory for me, but I had an undeniable urge to explore it. I kicked off my shoes and ran my right foot over her leg, looking around to make sure nobody was watching. The large cloth draped over the edges of the table, nearly touching the floor, so our activities were hidden from sight. A mischievous glint sparkled in her eyes as I moved my foot gently up to her knee and then back down again. I made a few passes as we gazed longingly into each other’s eyes. My heart was racing and my hands were becoming clammy as we played footsie under the table. She placed her foot between my shins and ran it up the inside of my legs, sending a wave of goose bumps over my body. As she got to my knees she circled around the end of my inner thigh, and then pushed further towards me. I spread my legs a little wider as her foot rested on the seat between them, and placed my hand under the cloth. She pushed her toes up to my crotch and started to wiggle them around, rubbing them on my pussy. I felt the tickle of moisture forming around my labia as she pressed her toes against me, and ran my hands over the smooth skin of her ankles.

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Blind Date - Emily Cantore

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