Going Down Kindle erotica eBook chapter sample

Going Down


Hey, eighteen is legally an adult (even if I’m only just barely eighteen) and as an adult I can fuck the crazy hot chemistry teacher so I don’t see why I can’t write a story about fucking him.

Yeah that excuse didn’t fly with the principal or the dad/step-mom, mom/step-dad combos either after the English lit teacher Miss Bailey found my long and detailed story about what I’d let Mr James do to me.

And what I’d do to him.

I mean, I should have got extra credit for using my imagination, right? I put a lot of thought into what kind of blindfold he’d wrap across my eyes, how his fingers felt as he pulled my hair so I’d open my mouth, how his cock felt as he pulled me down on it…

But no. Naming the type of bondage knot he’d tied me up with wasn’t proof of my amazing research skills and attention to detail. Describing the rushing surge as I came, my heart thudding as he clasped my throat wasn’t putting the reader into the moment.

Okay, maybe the detailed plan of how I’d get him and my fuck-off hot step-brother into the same bed so they could double-team me was mostly proof about how horny I was and not some example of my great literary skill or whatever but Miss Bailey didn’t have to turn me in for writing sex scenes in creative writing.

The weird thing is Miss Bailey is young and a total hottie herself. She has that button-down, severe hair tied back, black pencil skirts, white shirt thing happening where someone who is a complete fuckdoll makes themselves look even hotter because they try to hold it back. It’s ridiculous how much hotness the teachers have got going on at my school.

I was meant to be turning in one of those lame what-I-did-this-Summer pieces but with all the sex stories in my bag I must have mixed them up and so I gave Miss Bailey my ultra-detailed chemistry teacher fantasy instead. Good thing I didn’t dig deeper into my bag and pull out the one involving her, a long wooden ruler she’d spank me with and the vibrating purple strap-on she’s fuck me with in her office.

I was watching her, half drifting in some fantasy when she stood up and walked out with my story in her hands. She was only gone for a few minutes but as soon as she came back in and I saw the look on her face I realised what I did.

There were phone calls to parents and step-parents that day and then some truly boring conversations at home and then the next day I was summoned down to the principal’s office out of the blue and in a very inconvenient state.

See, last period of the day and my plan after school was to walk three blocks to where this new boy Weller lived and fuck his brains out. Then I’d drift home nice and relaxed so I’d actually be able to concentrate and keep myself from getting wet when the step-brother walked from the bathroom to his room wrapped in only a towel.

So, I kinda … took my knickers off and stuffed them in Weller’s pocket as I crushed past him in the corridor. A little something to get him hot and bothered for later on.

Not only that but I had a lot of the smut I’d written in my bag because I’m sure my parents are going to be snooping in my room and I’m planning on hiding it at my friend Sarah’s house.

Yeah, so I’m outside the principal’s office with a bag of smut sitting on my lap hoping I can resist Mr Steele’s questioning. That’s his real name and what he’s got going on is that he’s a tall black muscley guy who has that man-in-power thing where he can just look at you and make you squirm. I’ve been called in a few times to see him for other, well, sex-related stuff and each time I’d go home and fuck myself senseless with my biggest vibrator, pretending it was him.

Mr Steele opens the door and gives me that look. You know the one. I swear he could unzip and pull out his cock, give me that look and I’d be on my knees in front of him with my mouth open and he hasn’t said a word.

I know I’m in trouble, like serious trouble, so my stomach has crazy butterflies but they’re sending signals to my pussy and oh god I think I’m getting wet with him just looking at me.

Ok, so Mr Steele has a totally porno last-name but he ain’t got nothing on mine.

“Miss Jameson.”

I don’t know what mom and dad were thinking but they called me Jesse when my last name was Jameson and hadn’t they like ever watched a porno?

He steps forward and takes my bag so quickly I don’t have time to react. He points at the dark leather chair in front of his desk.

“In. Now.”

I stand up and try to pull my skirt down but it’s not going to cover any more than it already covers. There’s a rule in the school handbook about “knee-length” or whatever but what can they do if your skirt gets dirty and the only one you have to wear is from when you were fourteen and it’s a teensy bit short?

I walk into his office with him following right behind me. He closes the door and the soft click of the door sounds way louder than it actually is.

He walks around to his side of the desk and gives me that look again. It says sit. Now. My knees go weak and I sit, very aware that my skirt is incredibly short and the push-up bra I put on this morning is doing its job very well.

The leather chair sighs as I sit down and as I sink into it, my skirt rides up. It’s not much but now my pussy is an inch closer to being seen. I hold my knees together because if I even move a little bit I’m going to totes flash him.

He places my bag down behind his desk and turns his back on me.

So I have to admit that in my bag is a story that pretty much goes like this. He calls me in and forces me to suck his cock. In my story he made me kneel down with my hands tied behind me. At first I was alternating between licking around the head of his cock and running my tongue underneath it but soon he started moving his hips back and forth, breathing faster and faster until-

“Miss Jameson, this school has a very strict moral code.”

Oh fuck.

Thanks a lot pussy. I should be taking this seriously but my pussy has started a little throb and I can feel I’m definitely wet. I know I should stand up for myself but my pussy has decided to surrender absolutely and even now I’m slipping off into crazy fantasies.

My plan to sell all that sex story writing as proof of my creativity and hard work evaporates at his tone. Who am I kidding? I spent all that time on those bondage sites watching hot girls get tied up and fucked because it got me wet. That I happened to learn the names of some bondage knots was entirely coincidental.

“A moral code that we enforce.”

I find my voice but it too has surrendered and all I can do is whisper.

“Yes sir.”

He sighs, a deep breath that I can imagine brushing my neck as he lifts me up and holds me against him.

“Close your eyes Miss Jameson.”


My thoughts suddenly start racing but they’ve got nothing on what happens to my body. A flush of heat bursts up from between my legs and rises, washing over my nipples and colouring my face red. My legs tremble and if I stood up I’m sure I’d fall on to the desk with my ass in the air.

“When I turn around I expect you to have your eyes closed Miss Jameson.”

He turns and I shut my eyes quickly but not before catching a glimpse of the long large bulge of his cock pressed against the front of his pants.

My heart is thudding in my ears and I can hear my breath, unnaturally loud in the quiet room. Despite the roaring noise of my body in overdrive I hear the smallest rustle of fabric as Mr Steele moves.

I smell soap and aftershave and male as Mr Steele comes closer. He’s standing in front of me and all I want to do is open my eyes and pull him to me so I can brush my lips over his hard cock.

I swear he can read my mind because he leans down and places his hands on both sides of the leather chair, bringing his face close to mine. I can feel the warmth radiating from him and my heart pounds as his scent intensifies. His cheek brushes mine as he brings his lips to my ear.

“Keep your eyes closed like a good girl.”

He doesn’t say I’ll be punished if I don’t but I can hear the subtle threat in his voice.

I start and almost open my eyes when I feel his hands on mine. He grasps my wrists and effortlessly pulls me up and for a moment my body is against his. He towers over me, his hard pecs touching my face. In one smooth move he pulls me forward and then suddenly he is behind me, his muscular arms wrapped around me, holding my wrists. He learns forward and I involuntarily bend over, pushing my ass out against him. He guides my hands down to the cool surface of his desk and as I bend over he fits his body against mine. I feel his cock, a rigid hardness pressing against me and I whimper as the depth of my need lashes through me. I want him here, now, fucking me, his big hands holding my hips as he rides me hard.

He pushes my hands together on the desk and covers them with his left hand, holding them down. I feel his right hand draw a line down my body, past my hip and brush across my pussy.

“Oh, please…”

He clenches his left hand, pressing down with force on my hands and cups my pussy with his right hand. His middle finger presses down the hot slick crease and I want him to curl his finger, slide it into me.

“You will only speak in response to my questions.”

I swallow, my mouth suddenly dry and feel my legs tremble.

“Yes sir.”

His slap on my ass and pussy is sudden and I yelp. His big hand rests against me again, his middle finger moving back into place, on the cusp of sliding into me.

“That wasn’t a question.”

I almost speak but I feel his hand tense against my ass, ready to slap so I shakily nod instead.

“Good girl.”

He moves his hand, the tip of his middle finger sliding down to brush past my clit. My voice betrays me against and I let out a noise, a wordless sound of desire.


This time his hand cracks against my ass, higher up and the sting of pain brings involuntary tears to my eyes. I bite my lip as another sound threatens to rise up.

“You will only speak in response to my questions.”

My body has nearly completely lost it. My pussy is screaming fuck me fuck me fuck me, I can hear my blood rushing in my ears and if I wasn’t leaning on the desk with Mr Steele’s body behind me I’d collapse on the floor. Some part of me has it together enough to realise he didn’t ask me a question so I stay silent and still.

“You are learning the rules, aren’t you?”

His fingers lightly brush over my throbbing ass, soothing the skin. I take a deep breath to calm myself.

“Yes sir.”


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