Hot Springs Werewolf, Part 2 (BBW Werewolf Erotic Romance)


Hot Springs Werewolf, Part 2 (BBW Werewolf Erotic Romance)

Harper Finch is meant to be settling in to her new life. Part-time job as a waitress at Greasy Manna and writing her novel. Simple. Uncomplicated. Until she met Red Guile. Builder. Alpha werewolf. Unbelievably hot.

But there are other werewolves in town interested in her arrival. One is Freyr: tall, dark and dangerous and soon things get complicated.

Red invites her to a dance at the Historical Society. It’s meant to be a chance to meet new people and to maybe get closer to Red. But the past for the Finch family is everywhere in Hot Springs and Harper has stepped in the middle of a war that has been brewing for decades.

She just doesn’t know it yet…

This 9700+ word story is part two in a hot new werewolf erotic romance series from Emily Cantore. It contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity between a curvy bbw girl and a sexy werewolf alpha. Intended only for mature audiences 18+!


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The world slipped away and it was just the two of us. Red moved with grace and power, spinning me away, pulling me back. The song was short but in those few minutes I went from a low simmer to a boil. Red in front of me. His hand on my back. Red behind me, our bodies touching for a moment. A final twirl and the song ended. The world returned with a hall full of people cheering and me seeing no one but the cowboy in front of me.

I took his hand and pulled him off the dance floor, heading for the back of the hall. Crazy ideas were running through my mind and most of them were based on the open door and set of stairs back there. Finding somewhere to be alone.

I stopped and turned around, Red’s hand still in mine. He smiled at me and the look on his face sent tingles rushing through me. I noticed the cut on his face from yesterday was nowhere to be seen and then that thought vanished a moment later when he stepped forward and kissed me.

Spice and heat.

His hand was on my lower back, pulling me forward. I could feel the strength of his body, the raw power within him.

The kiss ended too soon, Red pulling back. His eyes were tinting golden, fixed on me. He moved forward and his lips touched my ear.

“Upstairs. End of the corridor. Take off your underwear.”

He didn’t have to add now but I could feel it in his voice. I wanted to obey for some mad reason.

“I will be there in a moment.” He gently pushed me on my way before turning around and walking off into the crowd.

Hot Springs Werewolf, Part 1 (BBW Werewolf Erotic Romance)


Hot Springs Werewolf, Part 1 (BBW Werewolf Erotic Romance)

Aspiring novelist and self-proclaimed curvy girl Harper Finch has been given the opportunity of a life-time thanks to her recently deceased Great-Aunt Millie – a cabin in the woods, rent paid in full for a year and a job working three days a week as a waitress at Greasy Manna. She has time to write and time to heal her recently broken heart.

The cabin sits on the property of Red Guile, incredibly hot neighbor, builder and Alpha werewolf of a pack closed to outsiders until Red changed the rules. Now he has curvaceous BBW Harper living next door and their attraction is undeniable. But it was no coincidence Millie sent Harper to Hot Springs. The town holds a history for the Finch family and a dark secret.

This 8500+ word story is part one in a hot new werewolf erotic romance series from Emily Cantore. It contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity between a curvy bbw girl and a sexy werewolf alpha. Intended only for mature audiences 18+!


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He came back over to the table and looked like he was about to sit down when I suddenly decided to wash the dishes and take a break from the crazy thoughts that were thrumming through my mind. I knew, somehow, that if he sat down that I’d be kissing him a moment later.

“I’ll wash up! The cook doesn’t wash.”

Even to my own ears I sounded a little crazy.

I bolted up and went to go by him but the gap between him and the table was too small. I turned away from him and brushed across him as I shuffled by. It wasn’t intentional. Was it? I made it to the sink and turned the hot water on before gripping the cold metal like it was a lifeline. I’d felt his body as I passed him. The strength of him.

Those were the rules, right? The cook doesn’t wash. I was just washing the dishes as a quick thank you and then … and then I’d get the hell out of here before I blushed to death.

Red hadn’t spoken at my sudden rush for the sink. Staring down at the plates and the running water, I could feel him standing behind me. I hadn’t heard him move but I knew he was there.

I looked up from the sink into the reflection. Red was standing behind me, his eyes glinting golden in the light.

Our eyes met and all thoughts of keeping it platonic evaporated out of my head. My body must have been one step ahead of me. I felt my hips tilt, just a few inches, but it was enough. I moved my foot and arched my back. Just small movements.

Completely innocent.

The Vampire Jules (A Paranormal Vampire Erotic Romance)


The Vampire Jules (A Paranormal Vampire Erotic Romance)

College student and part-time waitress Audrey White is finishing up work for the night when a series of incredibly hot fantasies start to flash through her mind. Jules Marquez, vampire and smoking hot man, is putting them there. He’s out looking for a bite but before she can bring him the apple pie he ordered or invite him home, he vanishes.

A disappointed Audrey goes home only to discover Jules tapping on her second floor window, floating in mid-air. He’s a vampire and wants to be invited in…

This 8500-word red-hot paranormal vampire story features explicit scenes, oral sex, mind control, biting and much more!

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Barnes & Noble (Nook)




At the thought of Jules I brought my wrist up to my nose and breathed in. Even after the shower his scent was still there and it drove my body and mind crazy. I’d never wash this wrist again, I swear.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

In some sort of hypnotized state due to the scent (or impending orgasms I planned to have) I walked out of my bathroom and completely didn’t freak out when I saw a man at the window.

Not just any man. Jules. Mr-Apple-Pie.

I walked to the window and slid it upwards. He had one foot on the ledge and was holding on to the building with the other. Must have jumped across from the tree that was a few feet away.

I felt some part of me say this was weird but for some strange reason I felt completely calm about it all.

“Hey Jules.”


He nodded to me like we were meeting at a ball for the Queen. Very prim and proper. Not like he was hanging off the side of my building after ten at night.

“I was thinking about you,” I added.

I clasped my towel and made sure that it wasn’t going to suddenly fall down. I may have also subtly adjusted it to show a little more cleavage. Just a little. I saw Jules’ eyes flicker down and back and then he swallowed.

“What else were you thinking?” he said, a glint in his eye.

He knew. He knew what I’d been thinking because he’d been the one doing it. I was suddenly sure of it.

“All sorts of things,” I said.

I could feel my heart starting to beat faster. Maybe the scent was wearing off. Jules was hanging on the side of my building. That was weird, right? That wasn’t normal. How was he-


Jules winked at me and stepped away from the ledge to float in mid-air. I felt my heart thud again and then a cold rush of shock run through me.

“A vampire,” I said, finding it hard to speak.

“Yes. And I want you to invite me in.”

Invite him in. So he can drink my blood?

“That’s only a little bit of what I want. I want other things too,” Jules said.

His eyes flickered over me again and I felt my body respond. He was still incredibly hot. His eyes were blue and his suit looked spectacular. Yes, he was floating in mid-air and was a vampire but hey, vampires have one-night stands too, right?

“Some do. I don’t. I like to have relationships.”

I realized that I hadn’t been speaking yet he’d been answering me anyway. Was he reading my mind?


“So you were the one putting those… fantasies in my mind?”

He shook his head, the movement causing him to float sideways a little. There was a tree between him and the road that was probably hiding him from view but I had the sudden idea that Elsie would look out her window and see him.

“Those were already in your mind. I just helped bring them to life.”

“Can you hypnotize me to make me your slave? Is that what you’ve done?”

“I can. I could tell you to look into my eyes and invite me in and you’d do it. I could tell you to drop that towel and I’d spend the night worshipping your incredible body and you’d be helpless to resist. I could do the most unbelievably filthy things with you and you’d not only love it but beg for more. I could do all this but I’m not going to. I want you to invite me in of your own free will. I want you to drop that towel because you want to. I want you to take me into your bed because you want me.”