About Emily Cantore

Hi, I’m Emily Cantore.

I worked for years as a writer and editor doing all those writing things people don’t notice (packaging text, blurbs, websites, catalogues). Then one day eReading exploded. Soon every big business out there was selling eBooks and authors had a new way to reach readers – all without anyone standing in their way.

I started writing and publishing short stories and then moved on to full-length novels. Before my first novel was released, I quit the day job and took the leap to become an indie author.

I’ve given away almost 500,000 titles (and counting!) for free since I started writing and have the absolute privilege of doing what I love because tens of thousands of readers from all around the world continue to buy and read my books. Without you, none of this is possible…

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  1. I thought Mr. Money was a lot more realist then most eroctic books. Most women are not
    into pain, degration or waiting until the man says they can come but like a male to take charge in the bedroom. Mr. Money, (while I wasn’t crazy about the collar) fround the right

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