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Billionaires, Werewolves, Vampires, Rockstars…

In my former life I was a writer and editor working in traditional publishing. Then the eBook revolution happened! A new way for authors to write and deliver books was created and spread like crazy. I started writing short stories and then moved on to full-length novels. I write about billionaires, werewolves, vampires, rockstars and more. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE EMILY CANTORE BLOG AND LEARN MORE ABOUT MY WORK

Stories That Make You Think (and Maybe Break Your Heart)

If you love smart awesome women falling in love, falling out of love, Alpha males, Billionaires with dark secrets and want to see why readers love my books, I've made it easy to try my work. The first book in any series (sometimes more) is always free to try. JOIN THE EMILY CANTORE MAILING LIST AND GET A COMPLETE NOVEL PLUS THREE SHORT STORIES FREE